What a beautiful hilt! Done in exceptional detail in high relief in gilt silver, the hilt is decorated throughout with various labors of Hercules, from the Nemean Lion to the Cretan Bull to the Lernean Hydra, and others. The panels are exquisitely hand-chased on the gilt roe background, the quality of the work truly speaks for itself, worthy of the best Parisian silversmiths. A crowned R hallmark is stamped on one of the pas de ane, as well as on the inside of the shell.

Measuring 98 cm long overall, sword is mounted with a 82 cm long tri-foil blade, which has some pitting towards the foible. Sword is nicely balanced, and the strong, long blade, along with the Hercules motif of the hilt indicates this was a high ranking officer's weapon, either land or naval.