This single action Imperial Russian Tula Arsenal-made Smith & Wesson Third Model, also known as the Model 1880, is dated 1893 on top of the barrel. This was Russian Imperial Army officers' revolver from the late 1870s until 1895, when it was replaced by the less-potent, but lighter and smaller double-action Nagant revolver.
Frame is stamped with a Russian Army acceptance mark, consisting of a Romanov eagle and a cyrillic ‘PK’. PK stands for Prijomnaja Komissija or Acceptance Commission.

The gun has been professionally re-blued. Serial number on the frame is 26381, serial number on the cylinder is 26722. Action is nice and crisp, bore has pitted in several spots, otherwise the bore is quite sharp and shiny. A scarce Russian S&W, chambered in the powerful .44 Russian, of course!